Thursday, May 28, 2009


I think that a big part of my problem right now is that I'm not really sure who I am anymore. So much of my life for the last five years had been spent raising two little girls and when that changed it left a huge void. Even after almost a year I'm still trying to figure out where I belong in the world.

Feeling the way I do has made it hard to write in this blog because I can see all the sentences going round and round in circles of nonsense with no apparent direction. I spend too much time editing my thoughts. The writing gets bogged down with me trying to explain what I meant instead of just leaving it up to you all to figure out for yourselves.

But there hasn't been a day that's gone by where I didn't have a thought or two that I wanted to put down here. So I'll try one last time. I think I have something to say. I'll let you all decide if it's important or not.

My next post will be about alienation and how children get caught in the middle.

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Anonymous said...

Hello there!;) Yes, i do check in on you every once in a while and wow can i tell ya, it has been a while. It is nice to see that you have made the attempt(hats off to ya). I can't believe the amount of time that has passed so quickly.
Life is a circle!! We all get lost from time to time, but you wake up one day, dust your self off, gather your thoughts and be grateful that you are alive. We as parents should learn to take our own advice. The advice we give our children, and that is, "BE ALL THAT YOU WANT TO BE"...........
If my memory serves me correctly and age has not yet made it's mark (lolllll) someone has a birthday coming up the middle of this month. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!:)
The pleasure was all mine.. My best always.