Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You Can't Tuna Fish

Ok, let's all just pretend that I've been keeping up this blog for the last year and you all have been somewhat entertained. We'll just go from there.

If I suggest that sexual bias is alive and well in the divorce courts of Maryland doubt that I would get a lot of people arguing with me. HOWEVER, if I suggested that sexual bias played a role in my divorce hearing I would probably sound angry and bitter and I don't wanna sound that way. I'll just recap everything and we'll move on.

The custody evaluator insisted that the girls needed a primary residence. She decided that since I had no house, no job, no money, and no relatives in the area, my then soon to be ex should have primary physical custody of the girls. I have them for 12 days out of the month plus I pick them up from school and take them to dinner or whatever every other Monday. It's so close to a 50/50 split that I'm not too concerned with the label of Primary anything. We both share legal custody of the girls with mediation in the event that we are unable to agree on anything.

As far as the other stuff goes well let's just say that my lawyer and the judge didn't exactly see eye to eye on what was 'fair'. According to my lawyer there were some things said by the judge that could have been taken as sexually biased and in the end the judge had already made up his on the way this was all going to end. Personally, I was a bit offended but I won't make any comments about what was said as this was all told to me by my lawyer. I was not in the room to hear the statements that were made. I will say that if the comments had been made then it's just a sad commentary on where things still are in the courts.

But as I was leaving the courtroom feeling pretty much beaten and abused, a Maryland State Trooper who had been sitting in the back stood up, stuck out his hand and said that "I was his hero"

I've been told by the though my lawyer that my ex's lawyer would rather I not say anything else about my ex and that there could be more court stuff if I do. I'm not sure I can do that. Actually I'm pretty sure I can't do that. We'll see how it goes. I think I have a right or two if I'm not mistaken. Or did she take those too??

I'll be back soon. Lots, and lots of stuff still to tell.