Thursday, November 6, 2008

Raspberry Beret

I am proud that The United States as a people came together and decided that the time was right for a black man to lead us. Whether he was the correct choice remains to be seen but for today let's all just take a moment and really think about what this means in terms as a milestone for this country. It was a big step. 

Do not however believe that this wasn't, at least in some part about color. Plenty of people voted for Obama BECAUSE he was black, just as many voted against him for that very reason. Maybe someday it won't matter what color your skin is. Maybe someday it won't matter if you're male. Maybe someday it will be about a persons character and what they stand for that solely elects a person to the presidency of this country. I hope I'm around to see that day.

And just as I am proud of what we have done, I am ashamed of what we have undone.

Proposition 8 which amended the State of California's Constitution and overturned the California Supreme Courts ruling now bans same sex marriage. What the hell are you people thinking. I love California, I was born in San Diego and I have always considered the state to be one of open mindness and acceptance. To see that Prop 8 passed is disturbing on so many levels.

I am tempted to start blasting all the religious organizations who would throw the bible at this and state how God hates gays. God doesn't hate gays. Personally I don't believe that God hates anyone. But I'm pretty sure that if He/She/It did hate, it would be those who assume to have the knowledge of His/Hers/Its hate that would anger Him/Her/It the most. 

In a world that desperately needs all the love it can get, why are we so quick to shut down the idea of two people, regardless of race or religion or sex....oh wait, people of different religions and races may get legally married in this country. Why the hell are we so worried about what two people of the same sex do together?

Considering how the concept of marriage has been abused by the heterosexuals, maybe it's time to give someone else a try.

I know that I touched on a lot of tender subjects. Let's see we had colored people, gays, bible thumpers, hell, I even threw in the idea of a woman president. I didn't mean to offend anyone and I'm sorry if I did. I just ask you to open your mind to a new idea or two if even just for a second and look at it from outside of the boxes you have built for yourselves. 

This post is officially over. Feel free to return to your boxes.


Kammorremae said...

Same sex marriage bans bother me on multiple levels, mainly due the hypocrisy that goes into passing them.

That we have made marriage into a legal contruct, but still let religious proclivities govern it, is absurd.

Anonymous said...

"WOW" what can i say- NICELY PUT. You go!! And what an appropriate headline. Brings us all right back to the one word that tells everything "UNCONDITIONAL!" Hats off too ya. Don't stay away so long next time;-)